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Mark Muhlenkort        mark.muhlenkort@gmail.com                        President & Board Chair
Bob Fairchild               r.fairchild@comcast.net                                  Treasurer
Dan Skripka                 skripka@rfdatasys.com                                   Secretary
Karen Campbell          kcampbell@chaskamn.com                            Volunteer
Ken Neukircher           kr.neukircher@chaska.net                              Volunteer
Libby Fairchild             libby.fairchild@yahoo.com                             Volunteer
Gayle Degler               gdegler@co.carver.mn.us                               Volunteer
Peggy Bakken             pegbakken@yahoo.com                                  Volunteer
Pat Witrock                 pwittrock@centurylink.net                              Volunteer
Jessica Brouillette      jessica.brouillette@gmail.com                        Volunteer
Melissa Williams       Melissa.Williams@thegoodmangroup.com    Yellow Ribbon Company

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Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

of Chaska

The Beyond the Yellow Ribbon of Chaska is dedicated to assisting our community service members, their families, and veterans who have served our country to give freedom to others. We do this through community partnerships like the Rotary and Lions Clubs; working with the local faith-based community, interdenominational community organizations, and local food shelves; and finally working with city, county, and state administrators to coordinate services for service members and veterans.Community Organizations Supporting the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon of Chaska.